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communication in technical professions

"There is a space between stimulus and response."

- Viktor Frankl




For teams of 5 -12 people

 ~ 3 h | ~ 450€ | online     

~ 5 h | ~ 850€ | presence

at your site​​​​​


For teams of 5 -12 people

1 day | ~ 1200 € | presence

2 days | ~ 2400 € | presence 

at your site

or at a seminar location

   upon arrangement: 

Outdoor teambuilding activities




For you  

~ 30min | 0 € | online


Dipl. Eng. Falk Mehl
professional Trainer as per ISO 17024

 •  Dipl. trainer of adult education
 •  Dipl. trainer of communication and rhetorics
 •  Dipl. hypnosis-coach and trainer

About Falk Mehl

As development engineer in the industry I came to realise, that conflicts, stress and dissatisfaction are part of everyday life for shockingly many people.

Analogue to engineering I analysed the sources of stress, load and their deviation of the desired state.

During this time, I realised that just like in engineering there is a solutions to every problem. I graduated in several fields of adult education as trainer with my personal focus on the difference between conscious and subconscious actions, thinking patterns and habits.

  • Mindful:
    more than 10 years voluntarily in action at the fire dept.
    Result: calmness instead of hectic rush

  • Determined:
    over 10 years of discipline, endurance and respect.
    Result: 1st Dan (black belt) of Judo

  • International:
    over 10 years of engagement in international exchange. Intercultural advisor. Exchanges to Canada and Siberia.
    Result: Valuable insights into different perspectives


Clients feedback


Anita Pacher, 

Product Owner Mobility Data Platform at KapschTrafficCom

"Everyone in our international team was exited by the efficiency of the methods!"


Marsel Lewoczko,
Vice-President for HR, Board
member of 

"In a both, very entertaining and inspiring workshop
Falk managed to pick up everyone in the group from the first moment on. Thank you!"


Danny Lang,

User Experience Manager at Seedbox Ventures

"Falks srategy, to identify and eliminate time killers, in order to reduce stress and set focus on the relevant is both simple and sustainable!"



The cooperation with partners of various fields allows me to broaden my services and make use of synergetic effects for the benefits of my clients. My partners an me benefit on both sides of each others expertise.  For example:

  • Workshops with experts and  consultants of technical uality  management according to ISO 9001

  • Workshops, trainings and connectivity at the Regional Innovation Center

  • Workshops and events at technical universities

  • Outdoor teambuilding events with elements of survival, forrest and nature.


If you too see the benefit out of an cooperration, feel free to get in touch with me:



I am looking forward to hear from you.


Free consultation

  • Details about the content and the process

  • Cost-benefit analysis for your enterprise

  • Consultation about the most suitable format for you and your team, to sustainably strengthen efficiency and cooperation.

Direct contact:


The matter of the cut

If you had a knife, you owned longer than you could remember.

A knife you worked with every day for many hours.

Would you take the time to sharpen the blade


Communication is a fine tool where the right cut can be of great matter.

The objective of mindful-training is not only to sharpen the blade,

but to find the right grindstone!


communication in technical professions

Imprint: Falk Mehl / / +491795961375

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